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Another time was at Thanksgiving.  Jean and my mother were making the Thanksgiving dinner and they had these pies laying out on the counter.   Pete calls me over and he picked up one of these pies when no one was looking and tells me to come with him out the back door of the kitchen.  We set out there and ate that pie by hand.  I remember telling Grandpa’ that we are going to get in trouble – Pete said, hurry before they find out.  Pete was always teasing this way – he had a wonderful sense of humor.

Grandpa’ was fluent in Spanish.  In fact, all of Grandpa’s brothers, sons and Jean could speak Spanish.  They must have learned Spanish early on, living at the Rail X Ranch and other ranches in southern Arizona.  Most of the ranches were near the Mexican border and they often hired Mexican ranch hands.  Any Anglo in that area had to know Spanish.

I remember us sitting around on in the screen-in-porch, enjoying the Arizona sunsets, not saying much and somebody would say: “¿Qu’e tiempo hace?” and everyone would answer in Spanish and continue a conversation in Spanish.  I liked that - I didn’t understand – but liked that...

Doctoring A Steer
Grandpa’ doctoring a steer

Round Up      Round Up      Round Up
Spring round-up ~ Rancho Romero
Pete & Calf Branding
Grandpa’ about to tie-up a steer for branding Branding Irons in the fire

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